Sunday, November 29, 2015


My friend Jackie shared her progress today! SO AWESOME!
I just had to SCREAM... SHOUT and HOLLA.....
I see people frustrated... on plateaus.... so many confused with a plateau and trying to claim SF does not work anymore.... well......
I have done nothing different ... just started walking a few weeks ago. I forgot to actually show you what SF is doing for me... the improved ingredients in SF are really getting me off the plateau.. I have almost consistently eaten super clean for over 3 years... I have been consistent with Skinny fiber for over 3 years........ I was stuck for 2.5 years ...
I am totally blown away ... I quit smoking Jan 24th after 30 years and was at 2 packs a day. I had quit 2 times when I was younger...before the meno ...thyroid disorder and weight gain at 38 .... both times even working out and watching my diet had put on enough weight that I was up a size or 2 both times in less than 3 months... This is why I decided I would smoke til I was dead..... could not control the weight gain when not smoking!!!!
Well.... if it were not for SKinny Fiber I would still have to suck in to zip these jeans up--- they were hidden in my closet because I could not breath when I wore them... last winter I decided to give them away.... glad I did not cuz look at me now.......
2 inches of space in the waist....
To those who think SF is not working... let me ask consistent are you???? It takes weeks of consistent healthy eating and following the directions using SKinny Fiber to get results...
Have you been on meds recently??? I know there are a few who have.. remember it takes about 6-12 weeks for the effects of the meds to leave your body and can slow down your weight loss..
I really had begun to think this is where my body would stay.. chubby!!!
Not so.... If I can lose and I quit smoking and this usually results in an average of 28 pounds or more.
It has been almost 6 months and I am losing it!!!!!!!!
I do believe too many stop believing ... when we stop believing we lose motivation... and after all believing is half the battle!!!!
Where are all my belief warriors??
I am feeling so motivated now that I am finally off a 2.5 year plateau..... remember there are 3 pieces to this puzzle.... all done consistently -- (and finally have added the last piece myself...have you>>?)
1 Diet... real food ... enough calories and cut the fake foods.. proceesed carbs and sugar...
2 Take Skinny fiber ad directed every day .. twice a day with plenty of o cal fluids... water is best..
3- MOVE!!!!!!
IF you all do this and stick with it that plateau will be busted !!!
ok back to being excited weeeeeeeeeeee
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