Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This brings a smile to my face...


I am just amazed at what I see everyday in the mirror now, that I have to share. 49 lbs gone as of this morning and these are a size 16. I am so proud of my accomplishments that I just have to keep sharing them. This is from March 1st to today. There was a month or two I did not eat the best either. And I am now working out 5 days a week. Skinny fiber works and it has been a god send in my life first it took away the hot flashes and I am back in the same size I was prior to my hysterectomy a year ago. I feel amazing and now I have a new goal - size 10 here I come. You can do this, be consistent with taking it and realize that everyone loses at their own rate. I am thankful for my SKINNY FIBER!!!! It has given me my life back and self esteem. —

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