Friday, January 15, 2016


Hi! I’m Yvonne .
I am 51 years old and I started taking Skinny Fiber April 27, 2013. It didn’t take long at all to see that Skinny Fiber was helping me. It took a few days, but I suddenly realized that I was not thinking about food all the time. As a matter of fact I had to remind myself to eat. At that point I knew that this was a product that was going to help me!!! One week in, I stopped having night sweats. I was not expecting THAT!!! Previously I was having to wash my sheets every day because I was soaking wet!!! Now I sleep through the night and waking up earlier than usual feeling refreshed. Wow!!! I had started to lose a few pounds by this time. Two weeks in I stopped having hot flashes and acid reflux. Still losing weight. I think that I lost 15 lbs my first 90 Day challenge and the change in my body was amazing!!! The first thing I noticed was I was losing my stomach fat which went against everything I had been taught about fat loss before. I stopped telling people how much I lost because they thought that I had lost more weight. People judge by looks and don’t weigh each other after all…
Last year I had lost a total of 25 lbs. I am so thankful to God for that. If I had not found Skinny Fiber, I believe that I would now be in the 300 lb range. My body had stopped functioning the way it should and I felt so utterly out of control and desperate. My doctor wanted me to get a stomach bypass. I had quit my job before I found Skinny Fiber because my bones are degenerating and my job as a caregiver in a nursing home working with bariatric patients had put me over the edge so that I was losing the use of my hands. The stress didn’t help with my fat problems needless to say. But now I didn’t have a job with insurance and there was no way that I could get an operation.
I decided to spend the extra $10 to become a Distributor because I liked the idea that I could pay for my own product by selling to others. After all, I would be using the product anyway. And when I saw a post on Facebook that said if you are spending all day on the internet, why not make money selling Skinny Fiber. So I did! I was able to pay for my product from what I sold the very first month. Then I proceeded to make enough money to pay for several trips that my husband and I have taken including the Skinny Body Care Cruise last October. This is a sales business and sales go up and down and up, but my husband and I are very thankful for the extra income that it has brought us weekly!!!
Last winter was a challenge for me. The Skinny Fiber cushioned me from the damage that I could have done on the trips, but it couldn’t save me from what happened to me this looooooooong cold winter:
1. My husband was hospitalized from bleeding internally. We believe we had miracle because with all the testing we never found the source and the bleeding stopped. It set us back financially of course because we don’t have insurance. It also set me on a course of stress eating.
2. I then got a kidney stone that finally passed but then I got real bad secondary infection. That wiped me out for a while.
3. Then I injured my back when the office chair I sat in snapped. It hurt to sit, stand and lay down. Just walking down the hall in church was a challenge for me, and forget my favorite activity which is walking. I couldn’t do it!
4. I was a hopeless mess! I had cabin fever, I was barely moving with my only activity being breathing!!! My metabolism took a plunge and I gained back all but 13 lbs.
But… I persevered. I kept taking my Skinny Fiber because I could really notice a difference when I would forgot it.
When Spring finally came I was able to move more. I started this 90 Day Challenge on May 24, 2014. Slowly but surely I was able to go for walks again. At first it would be walking one day and then I couldn’t walk for another day or two. But I kept at it and got better and better. I have even had a couple of days where I walked up to 12 miles, which I probably could do every day if I had time, but I don’t. I’ve actually been able start running!!! I could probably run nonstop for miles on a flat, but my path is very hilly so I do about .8 miles at a go.
This 90 Day challenge I had hoped to lose about 100 lbs, but I only lost 17 lbs!!! lol I’ll take it, especially since I went on two big trips during this time!!! I’m not going to stop going on trips God willing, so I’ll have to put up with taking a slower road to weight loss!!! I’ve lost 30 lbs in all!!! I lost 30.25 inches with 10 of those inches off my waist and 5.5 off my hips! Whooooooooo hooooooooo!! I am beginning to feel like ME again!!!
I am so happy with my Skinny Fiber and with this generous company that has changed me as a human being. I have learned many amazing skills, gained much needed confidence and have so much satisfaction from seeing that I am changing OTHER people’s lives!!! I have customers who have lost twice as much weight as I have!!!! I have seen how their lives are being transformed and they are becoming people of change instead of sitting in pity. I love it and THAT’s why I am so passionate about telling everyone about this amazing product and this people building company!!!

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