Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is Judy C-- See what determination and Skinny Fiber can do.
Read her story!
Judy..." I'm a 44 year old single mom of 3. Two of my kids are grown and live on their own now and I have made a promise to myself to start taking care of myself and get healthy. For almost 20 years I've been heavy (average weight of 220 pounds on my 5'3" frame). I was considered obese. I developed problems with my left hip and my right heel separated (both very painful). I wasn't a candidate for surgery for my heel because of my weight so for the last several years I've suffered with chronic pain. I tried to lose weight many times.... I've used dozens of different diet products and several diets. I've used ephedrine (very dangerous),HCG drops, Slim Fast, CLA, Hydroxycut....the list goes on and on. I've been on weight watchers, South Beach diet, The biggest loser eating plan...... When I started my latest journey, I weighed in at 210 pounds.I was wearing a size 20-22 pants. I was depressed and feeling hopeless but I decided to give Skinny Fiber a try. What did I have to lose? This was Jan 20,2013. Today I'm about 160 pounds and wearing a size 8 pants. The pic on the left is me on Jan 20,2013 and the pic on the right is me May 31,2013( sz 12 171lbs). I am succeeding and I want to help others with their success too. It all happened so fast that I still have to look in the mirror sometimes to make sure it isn't just a dream."

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