Monday, January 18, 2016


What a transformation! 

Melissa says.......
For those wanting my story. Here it goes.....I have been heavy since I was in the 5th grade. When getting out of high school being overweight was my identity. I tried forever to get pregnant and couldn't. My weight kept going up and up. My dad passed away at age 47 two weeks before my 25th birthday. I remember looking in the mirror the day of his funeral and I did not in any way recognize my reflection. What did I do to myself I thought? I went to the gym and they said no way with a doctors note. I was a liability. My doctor put me on the scales. Now understand I thought I was 275 pounds for years. He school his head in disbelief and put me on 3 more scales all said the same. ....489 pounds. I was severely obese was my label that day. I told him I wanted to go to the gym. He said no way! He gave me a pamphlet for gastric bypass. I said no way! I also told him my dad had a massive heart attack at age 37 and had a four way bypass. So I told him in 12 years the insurance can pay for a quarter of a million dollars for my heart bypass cuz he didn't believe in me. I got my permission slip. In my first 4 months I lost 100 pounds. I went to the gym everyday. I wanted to die of embarrassment at first. People used to say that poor woman how can she live with herself? Blah...I kept at it. My weight loss has been a long journey. For the past year I hit a plateau. I trained with a certified trainer and worked with a dietician. Nothing helped . I felt it was hopeless. I joined Angie's group. Many people were talking about skinny fiber. I figured I had nothing to lose but weight
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