Saturday, January 30, 2016


My last update was the 30 sept 2014.....I am so proud of how far I have come despite the difficulties. ...why I say difficulties is because from last year 2015 july to now I am using 2 bottles of skinny fiber I still have a few left.....what I do is drink 1 sf a day....because of my country policy I couldn't get skinny fiber to come in(well I fix that) what I am trying to say that skinny fiber has help me in so many ways..that now I know how to eat and still lose weight, I am waiting on my skinny max to arrive. ....I love skinny fiber and what it has done for me....I feel much younger, my hair is growing and my nails too, I am not an alcoholic but I over do it when I do go out with friends. ...well I cannot do that anymore my body just don't allow it, it doesn't taste good anymore (alkaline body) I can go on and on about this product and how I feel about it and what it has done for me....but I will stop writing guys have to try it out if you have not yet do soooo......obesity kills it make you don't recognize yourself in the mirror, it makes you feel less of a person, it makes you lose your self esteem, it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, do something about it don't make it take over our beautiful body

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