Thursday, April 9, 2015


Leah shared:
I couldn't be happier now! The picture on the left was having health issues blood clots in my legs, gallbladder issues, acid reflux, back issues, depression, fatigue.. Now I have never felt better all those things are gone I just did this comparison of myself today and I am in shock and amazed at the difference I see in myself not only physically but emotionally and mentally! Skinny Fiber changed my life without me even realizing it. I watched and waited as I thought my progress was slow but slow and steady is the way to go. I see now that patience equals perseverance! I was miserable and with my weight and my emotional state. Skinny Fiber has made the difference that I needed, gave me the results I needed to keep motivated. I won;t look back now and I will not EVER let myself put that weight back on! I have come too far and Skinny Fiber has helped me do this.
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