Monday, April 13, 2015


#loseweight #getthin
Janie looks FANTASTIC!! This is her Skinny Fiber success story…
Janie has this to say..
“From Beginning to now…Wow what a difference!!!! I love what Skinny Fiber has done for me, not just for losing the weight but I am so much healthier feeling and looking..But also for what it has done for my health, I am no longer on any medications for anything…Before Skinny Fiber, I was taking medicines for Asthma, Diverticulitis, Migraines, Acid Reflux, you name I was taking it…Not anymore!!! Thank you Judy, for introducing me to Skinny Fiber and to all those who have supported me along my journey. It is not over by far,, But I am so happy with myself and knowing that I have been not taking it regularly and have been able to keep the weight off.”

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