Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Awesome job, Angela!
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"Hi! My name is Angela I have always struggled with my health and weight... I have had several cancer scares, problems with my knees, organs wanting to quit on me, asthma, low self esteem, depression... grrrrrr! But I just wanted to share with you my latest realization of what has transpired over the last few years in my journey to a healthier new me!!
Most of you that know me, know I was bed ridden 16 months ago. I disappeared off the face of the earth to go and hide and have a couple surgeries that were pretty serious and to be honest with you, I wasn't sure that I was going to be here today... But here I am .. 16 months later. I walk on my own, breath on my own, I am free from tumors, off of all of my meds (accept for my asthma inhaler) A GIRL HAS TO BREATH hahahaha and I am feeling the best that I can, well, ever remember.
I started taking Skinny Fiber 16 months ago..... since then, I am no longer considered borderline diabetic, my cholesterol is that of a vegetarian and just last week I received my tests back from my ct and ultra sound and my liver has just....... healed itself. I have done some extra things to feel better about myself, like eating more whole foods,(but you can clearly see the pizza box in the picture hahahaha) and I try to stay active... but 16 months ago, I could barely walk.
I'm not saying that Skinny Fiber is a miracle pill, and I am not saying that "skinny" is even the thing for me! I happen to love my new body and my curves!!!! but had I not found Skinny Fiber, who knows how I would feel about myself today. To me, the number on the scale is just a number. I threw my scale away a long time ago... it's how I feel inside, and when I look in the mirror at what I see, and I like the new me If changing your life looked like this picture, would you do it? I personally recommend it! Order your Skinny Fiber- .

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