Thursday, April 30, 2015


#getskinny #loseweight
Wow!! She ROCKED her Skinny Fiber Challenge! This is what happens when you take it as directed and drink the proper amount of water.
Here is what Jacquie had to say….
“Well I’ve waited a couple of months to share my results from Skinny Fiber, healthy eating, and excercise, because I can barely bring myself to look at this before picture!! It’s god awful to look at and I barely recognize myself. Yes I had three children but I just kept getting bigger. I will try anything once if it will help me shed the weight lol!!! Needless to say with the help of Skinny Fiber and self control I have lost 75lbs and am in the smallest clothes I’ve ever been, a size 4, and a small shirt size which I’ve never been before either!! I feel fabulous!!”

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