Saturday, May 3, 2014


I personally myself will say that I have seen tremendous change in my views of myself, due to the weight I am seeing just melt away. I am anxious to show off my 90 days picture soon and testimony. So far I can say in the 65 days of taking it, I feel more energetic, drink less coffee (which I use to put 1+ pots of coffee away ALONE A DAY!!) I sleep better since my double chin is gone (I seemed to not be able to swallow while laying down due to it) I am highly impressed considering I can get 3 bottles of skinny fiber for the price I paid for 1 small bottle of HCG (1 months worth)!!!! 10 drops under the tongue 3x's a day (HCG) versus 2 capsules 2x's a day (skinny fiber)= Skinny Fiber Wins!!!! Plus I have not exercised ANY or changed anything I always eat. Yes I lost weight fast with HCG, but after three weeks of being on a 500 cal. diet a day I started feeling weak I tried the HCG with SLIM FAST at the same time!!!!! That is how desperate I started getting to losing weight!!! I gave up and thought oh well I am getting older so I will just deal with the double chin, back boobs, love handles, rib boobs, dimples in my butt and worst of all LOW SELF ESTEEM Well Thanks to one of my friends on facebook that kept posting about skinny fiber everyday, my eye caught her posts and I took the leap. I went ahead and got the buy 2 get 1 free special. I figured I might as well go for 3 bottles and join the 90 day challenge they had. And paid the one time fee of $10 to become a distributor. But hey I WAS very skeptical like you guys. I was afraid that I just took $100 and something from Daniel and I and the kids for something I thought would work. BUT GUESS WHAT????? SKINNY FIBER DOES WORK. THE COMPANY IS REAL AND LICENSED. I ALSO GET PAID!!! So I would recommend EVERYTHING that SKINNY BODY CARE OFFERS~~~~Also can ANYONE relate with me on the issue of a "saddlebag"? I believe that is what they call that little pouch at the bottom of your stomach. Well I was told by a doctor that the only way for me to lose that is surgery. WRONG DOC!!!!!!!!! I am losing it!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sarah

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