Thursday, July 23, 2015


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Lana’s story is AMAZING!!
She says…
“Hello my friends. For those of you who do not know my story, I will give you a quick back story before I update you. I am a mom of 5 kids who started Skinny Fiber after yrs of trying to lose weight. After starting Skinny fiber, I found out I had hypothyroidism and then a very aggressive form of Papillary Thyroid Cancer, not to mention Diabetes. So after being on Skinny Fiber for almost 3 months and losing over 20 lbs and 25 inches, I had to stop taking my Skinny Fiber to get ready for back to back surgeries to remove my whole thyroid. During this time I was unable to take SF, thyroid meds, had no thyroid, and was not allowed to exercise for the next 4 months. I should have gained back all my weight plus some, but I didn’t. My drs credited Skinny Fiber for this. Also during this time I was allowed to discontinue my diabetes meds!!! I love Skinny Fiber!! Fast forward . I was able to start my Skinny Fiber again only to be able to stay on it for a couple of months, due to having to have another iodine radiation pill. Again I lost another 20 lbs. making my weight loss right at 40 lbs gone and over 30 inches. Well, fast forward again… Due to no SF, no thyroid, no thyroid meds, and no exercise…. I gained about 20 lbs back. I was so depressed and angry at myself. When I went to the dr he was still amazed that was all I gained. He was ecstatic. ??? I was like are you kidding me?? I was just beginning to love myself for the first time in a very long time and then BOOM life happens…. My point to this is ….. My disease is something I could not control, that was always in God’s hands, I also cannot control how fast or slow my body will lose weight. Now that I have no thyroid it is going to take me longer, and I may have to work harder, but 1 things for sure….I am never giving up!!! I fought my battle with cancer and I am now cancer free, I am going to fight my way to be healthy, and I will win that battle as well!! Love yourself and realize you deserve to have a healthy and happy life….. Do not let anyone tell you different! And by the way….. I am back on My Skinny Fiber and have already lost 5 of my 20 lbs I gained back!! I have a very , very long way to go, but I WILL do it!!! Never give up on yourself or your dreams and goals!! I love you all and Thank you all for you prayers, love, and support! And know, sometimes we all can have set backs, we just have to learn to keep moving forward and Never Give Up!! I will keep you all updated on my New Weight loss Journey!”
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