Wednesday, September 7, 2016


My journey with Skinny Fiber has just started. But let me take you back ….
September 2010 I was put on prednisone for extreme eczema on my palms and fingertips. 80 mg/day for 8 weeks! I gained 40 pounds bringing my weight to 240 lbs! On the 9th week, my pancreas shut down. I was put in a medically induced coma for 3 weeks. To save my life, they pumped me with fluids, bringing me up to 360 pounds! Thankfully it was all liquid. My family was given a 20% chance that I would live. I was only 41. I left the hospital the week of Christmas 2010 being a diabetic. Fun fun!! I was 217 when I came home. Over the next 5 months I dropped to 170. A happy girl, considering I hadn’t weighed this little since my children were born, and was also now a diabetic.
Over the next 2 years I put back on 15 pounds. I was told it was the insulin, but it still made me angry. I have never been an over eater, and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off.
January 2013, I went in to the hospital to scan my pancreas to see how it was doing…and if there was any cancer. The only thing the lit up was my thyroids! Imagine that! I had two tumors …one on each side that the doctors could not find by feeling my neck. One was the size of a plum, the other a walnut. Non cancerous! Yeah! I had them out February 2013.
Fast forward to February of 2014.…A friend who was a DT for Skinny Fiber asked if I knew anything about SF. I hadn’t heard of it. I decided to give it a whirl in March of 2014. By August of 2014, I had lost 20 lbs! Woohoo! Then I became hooked on it! I signed up as a DT in August. 
Skinny Fiber has done so much for me! It has lowered my blood glucose levels, stopped my RA pain, my neuropathy, given me more energy than I have ever had and makes me feel amazing! I am so thrilled with this product and that is why I decided to become a DT. Skinny fiber is AMAZING!!! I will be a lifer with this product!  For years...and including why I was hospitalized for the pancreatitis...was these dang hands and the severe eczema on my palms and fingertips! For the first time in years....YEARS!!! They are clear, soft and look normal!!! Another amazing side effect of Skinny Fiber!! And my nails and hair are strong....and grow like weeds!!
**Update July 17, 2016: I have now lost 35 lbs!! I feel amazing
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