Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hey guys I wanted to give you guys my update!!! My name is Crystal, I am a married mother of 4, Twin 6 year old boys, a 3 year old daughter and a 21 month old daughter as well!! 
I have struggled with weight most of my life expacailly at dating age, when I was unhappy I would balloon and at one point I was very close to 200 lbs.
Finally I had met my husband and I was more happy then I ever could have imagined!, our wedding came and I seriously couldn't keep the weight on, my gramma told me she couldn't take my dress in any more lol my final weight by my wedding was 140 lbs!!! I was soo happy to see that number!!,
Well nine days later all of that changed, we conceived our daughter, now since I was never supposed to have kids I was extremely excited, 9 months later a baby girl was born, and from the pregnancy i gained 35 lbs, which is not bad at all, but after she was born I suffered postpartum and started putting on more weight, 10 months later we found out we were pregnant again with baby number 2, I also gained another 35 lbs with her and she was born in November, and once again I suffered postpartum, winter blues and I became very depressed.
Not knowing what to do I went to go talk to my doctor, and he prescribed me some anti depressants, when I got home I told my husband, he did not agree with that decision at all and told me that I can do it the healthy way, I just needed to find the strength to do it.
One day my best friend invited me to a weight loss group, and I started little by little changing what I was eating.
I noticed that my best friend was taking this supplement called skinny fiber, I had asked her what it was and she told me all these amazing things, however I was skeptical, it seemed to good to be true!
I decided to sit back and watch for a couple of months, and then all the sudden something just clicked, I had to try it, i had to see if it was something for me!
With in my first 2 weeks I noticed a difference right away!
I wasnt as tired anymore, my anxiety had gone down by half, I was feeling better about myself all together.
1 month after taking skinny fiber, I had no anxiety, No heart palpitations and my depression just seemed to vanish all together, I was happy and playing with my kids and not yelling all the time, I truly felt back to normal!!!
I have Lost a total of 42 lbs to date and I couldn't be more excited more happy and more at peace! Skinny fiber has changed my life and I dont know what I would have done with out it! THANK YOU SKINNY FIBER!!!!!

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