Saturday, September 10, 2016


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Here is Debbie's Skinny Fiber Success Story in her own words..
"Hey Guys !!!! I did it got on the scales today I am literally half the person I was. I have lost 165 pounds . I started out at 310 pounds and now at 155 pounds . I am half the person but have twice the heart.
Because now I will be able to live longer and do more things. I am able to play with the children where a year and a half ago I wasn't even able to walk across the floor without stopping to catch my breath!!!
I just gave my testimony a couple of weeks ago and it amazed me how far I have came. My advice to anyone out there that is struggling you have to make that commitment. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen.
I give my thinks to My faith My God and my family for all there support, and of course thank you Lord for bringing me Skinny Fiber for this product has been wonderful.
It has helped me feel full without giving me those ungodly jitters like them other products do. It Help cleanse my body of all the unwanted toxins that my body does not need. I got to tell you I know it is hard to believe my I have never , and I mean never missed a dose of Skinny Fiber . This journey was very important to me and my health I knew I had to do something for I was literally eating myself to death.
I still struggle everyday but with the help of Skinny Fiber, My faith in God and the support of my family I make it one day at a time."
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