Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Hi, My name is Merri and this is my heart speaking today,
Ok so I really haven't done anything serious about my weight and have been very inconsistent with taking my Skinny Fiber and still have lost weight over the last 3 years, a total of 65 pounds and for me that is an accomplishment. I know it is kinda sad, but I finally thought about recently. I would lose 30 pounds every time I went on a DIET and couldn't seem to lose anymore and then I would give up. Then I would gain the 30 pounds back plus 10, so after doing this over the years I got up to 315 pounds. For me, this was the breaking point, then I was introduced to Skinny Fiber by a friend who knew I would benefit from it. Very skeptical but (remembering how Dexatrim worked for me many moons ago losing weight fast, but shaky at times), I trusted this person and knew he wouldn't do me wrong. So that was the beginning of my life style change.
I started taking Skinny Fiber in May 2011. I wasn't losing weight to start, but my pants started feeling a little lose and my system seemed to be more regulated. I think it was a month or so before I started to see some weight loss on the scales. I kept telling myself even if I don't lose another pound I will keep taking it just so I don't have to eat and run all the time (I am enjoying my time away from the RR). Now this is when I really started to understand how fiber can help you if you don't get enough through the food you eat. Ok, so by now I am starting to feel better, but haven't learned to stop eating when full, that came later for me. I didn't understand what these digestive enzymes were all about either, I just knew my body was doing better all the way around. Skinny Fiber detoxes and helps your body get healthy so you can lose weight.
Now looking back, Skinny Fiber has helped me to control my appetite, eat healthier, stop eating when full and make better choices when I am out. I am walking better and have much more energy to do things (just ask my sisters). Skinny Fiber is NOT a miracle pill, but can help you to lose weight and keep it off better than anything I have ever tried before.
Get your Skinny on with Skinny Fiber! 100% natural, No Wraps, No shakes, No fake food, No Hormones!
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