Friday, December 18, 2015


---First off I need to let you know I was very skeptical of trying Skinny Fiber as I have tried a few "other " products before and just ended up wasting my hard earned money!. I have Juvinile rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed with this at 18 months of age! I was just a baby so I grew up not being able to participate in a lot of different sports. I had all four of my kids fairly close together and thats when my weight just kept pilling on, Due to my lack of mobility and my weight gain my arthritis was at its worst. The Dr. Had put me on naproxen to help ease the pain and I hated taking it, as I heard it can cause issues with the liver so I only ever took it if it was really bad.. I believe that being overweight has also caused my anxiety to go way up. I always had small anxiety issues in my childhood but nothing I needed to be medicated for. Anyway, since having my 4 babies I would get full blown panic attacks. Nothing was causing them, but would get me to the point where I could not leave my house.. Now, with having the anxiety it also brought on IBS, which was just awful.. I was at my worst . I found Skinny Fiber through a friend, did my research, ( I research EVERYTHING!) and decided that since it has a less than 1% return rate and a money back guarantee what can I lose!.. So I placed my order. In just a few days I noticed my IBS WAS COMPLETLY GONE!, by week 3- I found my anxiety levels to be down as well, therefore I was able to reduce my ativan meds and cut my welbutrin meds in half!.. I also noticed by week 3 my clothes were looser!! As for my RA I can move more, I am able to go for walks and go up and down the stairs without pain! I am now off my naproxin as it doesn't bother me anymore!.. I am losing weight, I never weigh myself as I find the scale sooo discouraing!! But I count the none scale victories! I am buying new clothes every couple month, my belly rolls are shrinking, and I am getting my curves back. I am starting to feel like me again, not there yet, but hoping to one day be right off all my meds. I believe weight has a lot to do with the health of your body. As I shrink, so will my meds!! I love this product so much.. It saved my life. I ask that you not hesitate the way I did! That was time well wasted!!
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