Monday, December 7, 2015


This is Janet!!!! She just completed her 2nd 90 day challenge and has reached her goal weight! 65 POUNDS GONE!!
"I began my 1st 90 day challenge June 1 & lost 35 lb. My 2nd 90 day challenge began early September & ended November 27. I lost another 30 lb. & met my goal of 65 lb. Total.
I took 2 Skinny Fiber capsules 30 minutes prior to eating lunch & supper. I ate a low-carb diet, drank 1 gallon of water daily, walk 5 miles 3X a week & cheat 1 day a week, then get back on my diet.
I feel so much better! I just participated in my 1st walk/run 5K & had a blast. Now I'm hooked & want to experience mire 5K races! I thank the Lord for helping me reach my goal! I also appreciate all of the encouragement & support!!!
If I can do this, anyone can! All you have to lose is weight! It's time to take care of yourself & begin a healthy new way of living!
I also love checking out low-carb recipes on Pinterest! Eating healthy & cutting out sugar has helped me feel better & strengthened my immune system."
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