Saturday, December 26, 2015


Look at the CHANGE in her face after losing 25 lbs!!
From the beautiful April!!!
"Hello to all my friends out there! I wanted to post another update for you! I figured I'd do a head shot this time because it just occurred to me the change there has been! The first picture was taken at a wedding in August, where I was at my heaviest. I began taking... Fiber in September and it's been 2 months now.
I've lost 25 lbs now and 7.5 inches off my waist! My brain is still not getting it though lol!
But it's so exciting and I had to share! I'm so very thankful that Skinny Fiber, and The SBC Company have come into my life. I believe in this product so wholeheartedly, and I just want to share it so that it can help as many people as possible the way it has helped me!"
Check out Skinny Fiber here so you can lose weight while eating REAL food and not over-do it!

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