Saturday, December 20, 2014


no will to move, no energy to workout, no "want" to eat healthier. I knew I needed to do something for ME; my husband and my kids... or it was going to go downhill real fast. I was introduced to skinny fiber at the end of November... I was skeptical... I researched EVERY site I could find. No bad reviews, no side effects, no workout and change of eating habits.... Sign me up to prove it wrong!!! Well I did just the opposite... I PROVED IT RIGHT!!!! And SO HAPPY I DID!!!! To date I have lost 30 lbs.. My husband has lost 70 and we have a different life!!!!I would NEVER take a full length picture of myself before now!!! I love my new body and I love my new life!! SO if you are on the fence... just TRY IT!!! What do you have to lose.... JUST THE WEIGHT!!!! I promise you... make a commitment to yourself... to take care of YOURSELF!!
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