Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This is my friend and my distributor Sandy! I introduced her to Skinny Fiber, as I have so many others. I love that she shared this story! If you have been struggling, here is an answer that may help you too!
Sandy said:
Here's a non scale victory for me!! When I went to the doctor for my physical in August my cholesterol was high... of course the doctor put me on 'stating drugs even though I have had bad reactions to them in the past. After about a week and half of those my body was really sick from side effects and I made the decision to stop taking them and look for healthier alternatives. My doctor was skeptical but scheduled me to come in for blood work in a few months to see if what I was doing would help. I got my blood work today. I have dropped my total cholesterol from 252 to 222 and my LDL from 167 to 143 still higher than ideal but enough to take me from the high range to borderline high, so I will take that!! I need to keep trying to get my HDL (good cholesterol) up. This is why I am so excited about my Skinny Fiber!! I have dropped my blood pressure and blood sugar to normal and now have my cholesterol headed the right direction!! I am down 35 pounds this year....and sailed through Thanksgiving without any weight gain.....and still ate what I wanted, including pie.
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