Sunday, August 10, 2014


Homemade Organic Black Bean Soup
This is what we made for lunch today 
1 lb dry Organic Black Beans
1 chopped green onion
1 handful of baby carrots
1 Tbs of cumin
1 fresh clove of garlic diced
1 Tbs of chilli powder
1 small packet of sazon seasoing
Directions ;
1. Prepare the beans according to package directions
2. Let cool for about 15 min 
3. Put about half of the beans along with some ofthe water in the beans in a blender along with the carrots and garlic
4. Puree till the consistency you like 
5. Pour in to another pot and simmer stirring ocasionaly while adding the rest of the spices gradually
6. Add the rest of the beans or as many as you like 
7. Cook til soup is warm enough to eat. Pour into bowls. Top with shredded cheese of your choice
Notes: We only used half of the beans and are saving the rest for beans and rice on another day
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