Monday, June 30, 2014


hey everyone sam here I have just finished my first proper 90 day challenge and in that time I have changed my whole diet dramatically! I have cut out carbs as much as possible, no gluten and more fruit and vege and high protein meats. I have cut out all sugar and I am trying to drink more water through the day. It wasnt an over night process either. Since I first started my Journey in October 2013 I have been taking skinny fiber on and off. When I first started I lost 8 kilos in the first 2 months. I have put some on taking some off and not really changed any of what I eat, I seen what skinny fiber could do. I decided it was about time I took some responsibility and really put the 90 days in motion. In the first 15 days I lost a total of 4inches all over I was so super stoked so decided I needed to change what I was eating aswell I just started a new role as an admin and now I see what I eat every day. I got super duper healthy jazing up salads and all. I took my skinny fiber everyday and then in the last month i ended up in hospital and had to stop skinny fiber. But I am now back on track and taking my Skinny Fiber again and on my next 90 day challenge. Skinny Fiber has helped me in so many ways....I cant wait to see what the next 90 days is going to bring. I think a gym member ship is in the making 

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