Saturday, September 13, 2014


My Story:

I was a waif as a child. Tall, thin, and like most teenage girls you could here me tell my friends I was FAT! (If only I was as fat now as I thought I was then!) I had my first child in 1995 and although I gained some weight I was not more than 25lbs over my wedding day weight of 125lbs. After having a miscarriage and then my second child is when it all went ..... wide. I was advised to take the Depo-Provera shot. I gained 40lbs in 30 days and it was not because I suddenly decided to eat myself to death. Per the doctors it was directly related to the birth control I chose to take. I was devastated. Not all "fat" people got there from over eating. The weight gain has caused me anxiety/depression issues. 

After another weight gain of 15lbs that I had recently lost I literally said... I give up! Then I saw my friends Mary Ann's posts here on Facebook I looked into her Skinny Body Care site regarding Skinny Fiber. I did outside research and decided to take the leap of faith. Although so many other programs have failed what I liked is this is NOT a quick fix its designed to work with your current eating/diet and exercise routine. I bought the first bottle because of the money back guarantee and also signed up as a distributer. 5 days later it arrived and I started my 90 day Challenge. 1 week in I lost my first 7lbs, 2 weeks in I lost a total of 12, 3 weeks in I lost a total of 15, and 4 weeks in I am down 16lbs and 1.5 in!

I am a distributer now myself. Why? My why is because I absolutely believe in this. I simply kept up my good eating habits, move in some way everyday (walking a morning mile), and my Skinny Fiber! That's what is working for me. Have I missed my walks, some days YES! Have I always avoided soda and fast food, some days NO! Have I taken this product everyday, ALMOST! 

I am the HAPPY owner of MY story. Month 1 complete now on to month 2! I can't wait to see where I'm! 

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