Monday, September 29, 2014


Sunday GOAL jeans on with tons of room to spare!! Lined up the two pics, one right before I started Skinny Fiber and today!! Now I just need a belt! Constantly pulling up your jeans is annoying but I love these and don't care if they're too big now! I'll take that over the opposite problem anyday! What a difference just a little over 20lbs can do for a person, their self confidence and outlook on life! I'm not saying losing weight will solve all your problems, or make you self confident but it does feel great to know you're doing something fantastic for yourself and then provides the ability and motivation to do more!
Also, first line of defense --- YOUR skin!! I've spent tons of money on really expensive face products and nothing has compared to our own Ageless anti-aging serum! Whether it's age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, scars or you just need some awesome hydration for your face, try our Ageless serum, I promise you will never want to use anything else! People say I don't look 46 (definitely don't act it either!! Lol), maybe it's genetics, maybe not. I believe this serum has done wonders for my complexion, only 2 small squirts a day -- it's cooling, soothing, goes on non-greasy, gives your skin and instant healthy glow and sheen!
Check out my website to learn more about Skinny Fiber and Ageless and what it can do for you! Just because it's hoodie season, let's NOT go into hibernation mode this season! Invest in YOU!

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