Friday, October 31, 2014


 WANT people to see that YES SF is REAL and REAL people are having success with it!

Hi Guys.. It's me Missie.. I've thought about this all day long. Jackie Stewart sent me this pic this morning. I've just gotta post it! Even though I seriously hate looking at ANY old pics of me, I gotta' do this for YOU! Not me, YOU! YEP! YOU! I know a lot of you guys know me and know my story but there are several out there who don't. If I can help even just ONE of you, I'll be happy. I'm tellin' ya I've been there and back! I KNOW where you are with yourself right now. YOU CAN DO THIS! Here is my story:

I'm Missie, This pic is of me. Kinda' a before and after even though I'm still not where I'm wanting to be. The one on the left is me in March of 2012 on the day I buried my brother, and the one on the right is me now Feb 2014. Who is that Girl on the left? Does the pain look familiar? Even though I was already heavy this was the beginning of the end for me. One of the worst days of my life. My brother was gone. I was left here to go on and pick up the pieces. Trust me it hasn't been easy! I'm still dealing with issues. I made a promise to my brother Jim before he died. He asked me to get healthy. He made me PROMISE him I'd lose weight and get healthy! Another year went by and I got worse.. Yep! My health went totally down hill. I didn't want to be here. I didn't care! I had never felt so alone in all of my life. When I say I've been through it, I've BEEN THROUGH IT! I buried my Baby Boy and my Mama six weeks apart, a set of twins, then my Daddy. Every time I buried a parent, I lost my babies.. Then my sister skipped out on me in 2008 from an eating disorder. She pretty much starved herself to death. So I buried her and her husband eleven weeks apart. Then my Bubba..Jim. He was my lifeline... I never realized just how much till he was gone. How was I gonna do this without him?! I didn't even want to be here! Fast forward to June of 2013. I had just had a breast cancer scare but the biopsy came back fine. But I wasn't FINE! I was a mess! Stroke level blood pressure, out of control Diabetes, irritable bowel, Fibro, You name it! I was taking two handfuls of meds a day. I hadn't even turned 50 yet. My Doc leveled with me, told me I was gonna die. He said I was mourning myself to death and if I didn't get a grip I'd be dead. Something snapped inside of me.. It's like I slowly started waking up. I began to eat healthier and after a 40 lb weight loss on my own I decided to finally give Skinny Fiber a try. My dear friend Vicki was selling this product and I had avoided it for two and half yrs. My weight had came to a standstill so I decided to give Skinny Fiber a try. I've taken it ever since! Now here I am! After taking SF twice a day and basically following a low carb diet I am HEALTHY! I've lost way over 100 lbs in eight months. I'm not jokin'! Look at the pics! I am no longer on ANY meds! NOTHING! Everything has been corrected and restored in my body. No more Diabetes, no more stroke level Blood pressure, nothing! And guess what? I turned 50 yrs old yesterday! This lil Girl decided to take a chance on life and LIVE! I will NEVER go back to that Girl you see on the left. Nope! I'm keepin' my promise to my Bubba Jim! I'm gonna live and I'm gonna' enjoy every minute of this life I have. It's what he wanted and now it's what I want! Of course you know there's so much more that leads up to me being where I was on that day in March of 2012.... You've been there. I can see it in your eyes. Don't give up! If I can do this I KNOW you can too! I'm here and I'll help you on your journey.. Take that first step... Get brave and give life a chance..


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